30 April 2008


In order for the Yankees to turn this around and start winning, Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman need to think a little deeper about what they are doing. There have some very poor and questionable decisions this week.

1. Joe Girardi.

A) Why do you send a 21 year-old, inexperienced and struggling pitcher out there with a minor league scrub catcher? Coming off of a travel night or not, Molina needs to catch that game.

B) Why do you send a 21 year-old, inexperienced and struggling pitcher out there with a minor league scrub catcher AND your WORST defensive outfield combination possible? Melky would not have flubbed the ball that Damon couldn't handle in center, while Damon would have not flubbed the ball Matsui couldn't handle in left. Damon in left and Melky in center and this is a different game. Finally in the 8th, Joe G had Damon in LF, Melky in center and Molina behind the plate, but by then it was too late. Thats how the game should have started.

2. Brian Cashman.

A) Cash sends Chad Moeller packing on Friday THEN tests Posada behind the plate on Saturday.
By Monday Posada can't throw and on Tuesday he's on the DL. Now the Yanks have to resort to a minor league scrub catcher, hoping that Moeller clears waivers and can return.

B) Last season hitting guru Kevin Long was all the rage, this season they can't hit a lick and Long gets no mention.

C) Dave Eiland has to go! Read Fantasy Eiland and Fantasy Eiland-Part 2. Hughes and Kennedy need to get to Scranton, away from Eiland, and get their act together. They can be replaced by Darrell Rasner and (gulp) Kei Igawa for a few starts. Notice that Joba Chamberlain, under the mentorship of Mariano Rivera, one of the most AGGRESSIVE pitchers in the league, doesn't have the troubles that the other 2 have.

3. Joe AND Cashman.

A) Last season the Yanks were dropping like flies with hamstring injuries. They fired the strength and conditioning coach. This spring they blamed it all on Joe Torre's lax camp and General Joe had them running like maniacs. Now, Jeter has missed 6 games with a quad pull, Joba is nursing a hammy and "A" is on the DL with a quad pull. Who's fault is it this time?

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