19 March 2008


A Siena Research Institute poll of New York residents by telephone, reported that the Yankees are New York's favorite sports team with 27 percent of the vote, followed by the Mets (12 percent) and Super Bowl champion Giants (9 percent).

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The Mets trail the Yanks in not only devoted fans but also in overall favorability with a 57% positive rating but the Mets do have a lower negative rating, 13%, as compared with the 16% unfavorable scored by the Yanks. Yankee fans see the Mets more positively at 56% than the Mets fans feel towards the Yanks.

Derek Jeter is seen favorably by 67% of all New Yorkers and 88% of Yankee fans. He even manages a net positive rating from Red Sox fans (44%).

Alex Rodriguez gets a positive rating of 52% statewide, 72% with Yankee fans.

Andy Pettitte is seen favorably by 49% New Yorkers and 77% positive ranking among Yankee fans.

George Steinbrenner manages an overall positive ranking of 34%.

54%of the same group believes that Roger Clemens is lying about his denial of steroid/HGH use.

47% wish Yankee Stadium was not being torn down

40% would strip the Patriots of their championships if it were shown that they broke rules by videotaping opponents’ practices.

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