02 October 2006


UPDATED 10/6/06 074:45

As expected, Marlins "yes-man" general manager Larry Beinfest followed the marching orders of idiot owner Jeffrey Loria and undeservingly fired manager Joe Girardi.

However, things look bright for Girardi since REAL baseball people know that Girardi knows his business.

It was widely rumored that Girardi would be a top candidate to manage the Cubs when current manager Dusty Baker was dumped and CEO Andy MacPhail resigned.

BUT...Word on the street is that Girardi could end up as the manager of the Yankees new AAA affiliate in Scranton, PA if he wants it.

Interesting proposition. Does Girardi stay in the bigs and manage the Cubs OR go to AAA and be back in the mix to eventually succeed Joe Torre to manage the Yankees?

In the long run the best thing to happen to Joe is he's free of those two jack-asses in Florida.


iister said...

I've spoken to a loyal Philly Phan who would LOVE to dump Charlie and get Joe in their clubhouse...

Pinstripe_Mike said...

Ain't happening.

susan mullen said...

I just read an article from the Hartford Courant (which I'd normally only use to line a birdcage if I had a birdcage), and it said the Yankees just dismissed the manager of their AA team, so maybe that would be an opening for Girardi. Sounds like Mark Newman would be the guy you'd have to report to. I don't know how Girardi gets along with him or if anyone gets along with him.

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