24 February 2006


Just a couple of days after saying he was HAPPY about a convo with the CashMan in which Gary Sheffield was told that it was likely the Yanks would pick up his 2007 option, Sheff is now ANGRY that it is not happening this second.

BOB KLAPISCH, SPORTS COLUMNIST for NorthJersey.com reports:

The right fielder is stewing about having to wait for the Yankees to pick up his $13 million option for 2007.

Sheffield, whose only professed allegiance is to George Steinbrenner -- or the contract Steinbrenner signed him to. But Sheffield is still burning at what he perceives as the club's lack of faith in his ability, despite an impassioned plea from senior executives to be patient.

Sheffield could have the 2007 option guaranteed by the All-Star break, or even sooner if he hits well in April and May. That's just common sense money management with a 37-year-old player.

But don't try explaining that logic to Sheffield, who with open indignation says, "They can't just use me like that, waiting to see what I've got.

They should be glad they got me at the [price] they did [three years, $39 million].

There are a lot of players with better contracts."

The Yankees don't disagree. All they want is for Sheffield to chill. But for now, that's like asking for a moment of silence at a heavy metal concert.

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