19 October 2012


The Boss would not be happy today
If George was alive, there would be a big meeting in Tampa today. At the conclusion of that meeting someone would leave without a job. Justified or symbolic, the first ax would fall. The Boss would apologize to the fans and angrily announce that the 2013 season begins TODAY.

Everyone would laugh, George is overreacting again, what a tyrant! Well, the last time the Yankees were swept in a best of 7 was 1976 to the Big Red Machine. The 2012 Tigers are an 88 win team and not the '76 Reds. The '76 Yankees were competitive in that series, this group didn't show up.

After game 4, there was none of that fire or determination to fix what just happened. What we got was a monotone manager and an equally as monotone general manager talking about disappointment and adjustments.

There is no need to rehash the numbers or detail the failings of Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, Nick Swisher, Eric Chavez and "The Player Formerly Known As A-Rod." We all know what they DIDN'T do.

And poor Nick Swisher, not only did he choke again in the postseason, Swisher's wife, JoAnna Garcia, learned that her NBC sitcom, “Animal Practice,” was canceled.  Remember when NBC scheduled "Animal Practice" to debut in the middle of the Olympic Closing Ceremonies and bumped The Who?

In the coming days this blog will do what the Yankees hierarchy did not do after the sweep, that is look into the future and begin the 2013 season.

Rest in peace Mr. Steinbrenner, you are missed. Especially today.

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