05 September 2012


It is amazing to see how some people will drink Girardi's Kool-Ade and pretend that this collapse (and that's what it is) is no big deal.

The latest consumer of the beverage is Richard Justice of MLB.com. I encourage you to read his article now then come back and continue with this one.

My take on what was said:

"All things considered, it's surprising they're still tied for first place after 135 games. If Girardi had known in Spring Training how it would all play out, he surely would have signed up for a share of first place on Sept. 5."

How about this: If Girardi had known on June 11, when they had a 10 game lead, would he have signed up for a share of first place on Sept. 5? Would you? I think not.

"More was expected of Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova. But they were never supposed to be the keys to this strange season."

Mr. Longball
Anyone that expected Phil "Mr. Longball" Hughes to more than an average .500 pitcher was fooling themselves. Hughes' pitches are not measured in MPH, they are measured in FEET. He is a serviceable #4 starter that will see better days in a lesser teams uniform.

"Girardi has perfected the art -- and believe me, it's an art -- of answering every question the same way. He never raises his voice. He almost never seems irritated."

Except for when he is smug and bats his eyelashes at you. Ever notice how when he thinks he is above and beyond he bats his lashes at you? Makes you want to chuck the remote at the TV.

"The Yankees were not poorly constructed. They are not poorly managed. They do not lack heart. They lack bodies."

The Over Manager
Yes, they ARE poorly managed. They are OVER MANAGED. His constant "mixing and matching", as he calls it, hurts more than it helps. I don't care if the opposing pitcher throws with his left hand, right hand, big toe or other appendage, if Alex Rodreguez is hurt, I don't want to see Jayson Nix or Casey McGehee at 3rd when Eric Chavez is on this team. Sometimes your tired starter is still better than some of the scrubs he runs out of the bullpen. 100 pitches...take him out, put in a scrub. Insanity. Too many times Girardi does not put the best possible team on the field and that is his #1 job.  Francisco Cervelli and Chris Stewart are better hitters than Russell Martin. The defense between the 3 are equal but Girardi keeps putting Martin out there with his .190 average. This week we saw Girardi at his best by trying to out manage a fellow over manager versus Baltimore. Fail.

"In 49 days, their lead in the American League East has gone from 10 games to zero. In that time, they've gone 20-25. They've averaged 4.4 runs per game. Their ERA is 4.00. Neither number is particularly good. Neither number is awful, either. "

10 to ZERO and 20-25 IS awful! This team was built for more than 4.4 runs per game and with some of the pitchers on this team 4.4 doesn't cut it.

"With Sabathia, Pettitte, Hiroki Kuroda and Hughes pitching well down the stretch, the Yankees are good enough to make the playoffs."

GM Brian Cashman
Again, expecting more from Hughes than he is capable of delivering. Nobody should expect anything out of Pettitte. We know his reputation, but to count on anyone coming off of an injury is not a smart move. Brian Cashman needed to get a starter at the trade deadline and failed to do so. Instead, he got an outfielder and a scrub infielder.

"They never expected to be playing with this roster, but that's the hand they've been dealt. Girardi must somehow get his guys to take a deep breath and worry only about themselves."

The problem here is that Girardi is not the right guy to lead this. How long will it be before we see Jeter getting "rest" while Eduardo Nunez makes 2 errors at short and another game is lost? It WILL happen. When will another pitcher, who is pitching well, be removed for a lefty/righty mix and match, only to have the next pitcher blow the game?

"They're in more trouble than they ever expected to be, but nothing has been lost."

Nothing? A 10 game lead is not "nothing".

The Yankees are an under performing team and the manager makes it worse. When this season is over, regardless of the outcome, big changes need to be made.

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