01 July 2011


Last week my Mother-in-Law bought my son a bottle of New York Yankees Body Wash. It came in a bottle shaped like a bat with a simulated woodgrain wrapper. MLB & Yankees logos, "Berry Blast", tear free and guaranteed to make you "Clubhouse Clean."

A very cool item.

My son, very excited over this promptly put the bottle on a shelf in his bedroom with his other treasured baseball items.

So in my stern fatherly manner I said "Nick, that belongs in the shower, not in your bedroom." The reply was "but Dad, I'm not going to use it."


"If I use it I will have to tear up the wrapper and ruin it. It looks to cool to rip up."

Is this the mindset of a 13 year old?

The Yankees have some new items in the minor leagues in cool looking wrappers too. They are humans in a wrapper that looks like pitchers. That wrapper also has MLB and Yankees logos and they too are too cool to use.

This is why the Yankees chose an old bar of soap like Sergio Mitre instead of a Clubhouse Clean, Berry Blast pitcher from the minors.

Mitre is known to bring stinging tears to the eye.

Are the Yankees developing players or collectors items for a shelf?

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