18 July 2011


Rumor mill has the Yankees and Dodgers discussing Matt Kemp. Kemp is getting $7.10m this season and can be a free agent after 2012. The Yankees would like to sign Kemp to an extension of his current deal to cover 2012 or longer. The Yankees will not want to arbitrate with Kemp.

On the other side, the Dodgers are looking for inexpensive major leaguers. One name mentioned was Brett Gardner. The dodgers also want a pitcher.

In the Ubaldo Jimenez talks, the Yankees made it clear that Batances, Banuelos and Nova are not available which leaves the likes of Hector Noesi or Adam Warren.


Rob A from BBD said...

Did I miss something? Where is this coming from?

Jersey Man said...

Heard about Ubaldo coming to Bronx, talks heating up and that there needs to be a centerpiece pitcher in place


how did you find this Matt Kemp info? are you making this up

Anonymous said...

It must be coming in from LA; friend called me last night with the same thing.

Mike said...

Jersey Man: No, I did not make this up. I will not give up my source other than to say it came from a low level person who works in a high level location.

Rob A: Saw on Twitter you mentioned something about credible sources. If those other guys are so credible where is Francisco Liriano, Michael Young,Jarrod Washburn, Fausto Carmona, Justin Duchscherer,Grant Balfour, etc..etc...Those guys were rumored to be coming to the Yankees from the "credibles".

I'm not paid to fill space like those guys and I very rarely post trade rumors.

I try to put up my opinions and stories that have not been on every other Yankees blog and I try not to be a merely a clearing house of links to stories posted elsewhere.

Today I am seeing Alfonso Soriano rumors all over...you wont see it here.

Rob A from BBD said...

Nobody has ever said Liriano, Young, Washburn, ect were actually coming to the Yankees. As far as I know nobody has even said the Yankees were even close on any of those players.

This article seems like the exact type that people talk about when they bash bloggers. Thanks for giving us a bad name.

For others reading this - there are no rumors of Matt Kemp coming to NY. There are no rumors that Soriano is coming to NY at this point either.

Mike said...

Well you got me. As everyone knows if it is not on BBD then its just dribble.

Truth is, that I made it up. I want Kemp sooo bad that I figured that if I put this idea up that it will ring a bell with Cashman when he reads it! He will then immediately put his Starbucks down and call the Dodgers and make the deal.

What really sucks is he wont give me any credit for it!!!

Get real here!

You obviously did not read the entire post. I never said that Kemp was ACTUALLY coming to the Yankees or that it was CLOSE either. It's a rumor that someone passed on to me. No different than what you copy/paste/link on BBD.

Sorry I'm not Gammons, Heymann, King 3 or Rosenthal.

I got those names from your site, "rumors" from the credibles.


6/17/11 Yankees Top Advisers Watching Chicago’s Zambrano

3/2/11 Yankees Offered Twins Nova & Pena for Liriano

6/26/11 Yankees Have Interest in Heath Bell

7/09/11 Yankees Have Asked Marlins About Randy Choate

What's the difference between those stories that you copy/paste/link on BBD and my Kemp story other than the fact that my name is not Sherman, Olney or Davidoff?

When was the last time Gammons was right about anything?

As for the Soriano rumors, check THIS>>

http://www.kffl.com/gnews.php?id=725845-yankees-interest-in-alfonso-soriano ,unless you think that the Chicago Tribune's Phil Rogers isn't credible in your eyes.

Sorry I hit a sore spot with you.

Rob A from BBD said...

The difference is those other guys have put in years developing their reputations and they work for organizations that have bigger reputations than them. You have no reputation and you self publish. I doubt you have even been to j-school. It just doesn't work that way.

You started blogging at about the same time I started. I've probably read at least 80 percent of your articles over the years. This very well could be the last one. It's not that you passed off some un-credible information. It's just that you seem to have no idea that there is a problem with it.

Mike said...

After 28 years in the military and currently fighting the government for my disability rights, this is nothing but a hobby. I'm not trying to turn a buck or impress anyone.

Once again you call my info un-credible. I received what I felt was a legitimate tip and I stand by it. If I didn't believe it, I would not have gone with it. If you've really read 80% of my postings, you know that I rarely put trade rumors up.

So, if I went to "j-school" instead of Panama, Grenada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc...I could post BS like Gammons and the other guys, be wrong all the time and be classified as credible?

Good deal.

Mike said...

Also...If you have really read 80% of my stuff, all differences of opinion aside, I really do appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

"Truth is, that I made it up."

And this is why your page is legit garbage, because you made the freakin rumor up. If you had said, the Yankees should try for Kemp, then there is nothing wrong with that. But to make up a story, makes your page total garbage and really, you should shut it down.

You are no better than a Stephen Glass.

Anonymous said...

he was being sarcastic idiot

Mike said...

Dear Anonymous:

I was being sarcastic about making it up!

I do not really believe that reading this blog is ever on Mr. Cashman's agenda.

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