11 April 2011


From Joel Sherman in today's N.Y. Post:

"Jeter is trapped between his old and new swing. He has returned to lifting his front foot a bit, a modification away from what he worked on all spring. He is left, currently, with a long swing and what is projecting as uncertainty for a player defined by his previously unflinching self-confidence."

Sherman has this one right. Others in the media are calling this Jeter's rejection of Kevin Long or even a rift between the two.

While others rave about how Long has helped them, it seems the Captain is not so sure. In the end, Jeter has to do what he feels comfortable with but this really is not the issue.

The big issue is whether or not Jeter still is a top of the order guy.

We know Joe Girardi is a loyal guy and will never drop Jeter below the 2 spot, but this is Derek Jeter we are talking about, you know "Mr. TEAM".

All his career we have heard from him that it's about the team, it's about winning. Does Jeter still believe that he is a top of the order guy? Does he believe that the best Yankees line up has him hitting 1 or 2?

If Girardi will not move him down, at what point does "Mr. Team" go to the manager and suggest the he be moved down in the order?

Kevin Long can fix a swing. He cannot fix an ego.

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