10 August 2008


Will someone please tell me what the Yankees are thinking?

News of the day is that Ian Kennedy was sent back to SWB.

To replace him the Yankees recalled Billy Traber, again.

How many times does this tomato can have to get knocked around before the Yankees realize that this guy SUCKS?

Is anyone in Yankeeland watching?

Last time he was here he was beat around like an old mule. Might as well keep Kennedy here and stick him in the pen.

Heck, I'm surprised that they didn't bring Chris Britton back for another beating.

This is absolutely insane.

How about trying Jeff Marquez or Scott Patterson or Chase Wright?

Who starts in Kennedy's place on Wednesday?

It seems to me that the front office has given up on 2008. Yes, things don't look good right now, but they are not helping themselves by bringing this cluck back from the minors.

Let the beating begin.

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