15 August 2008


Mike Francesa now has a solo act.

The NY Post is reporting that Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo has left WFAN for a $3 million deal with Sirius radio.

Russo and WFAN management "mutually agreed to go separate ways," said Mark Chernoff, the vice president of programming.

Earlier on Thursday, WFAN announced that Francesa signed a new multi-year contract.

The NY Daily news reports that Russo was not interested in a long term deal, so when he asked out of his contract, WFAN/CBS Radio management granted him his release.

NY Post media columnist Phil Mushnick writes "Russo long felt that he was treated with less intellectual and financial regard by WFAN than Francesa."

"I think WFAN realized I was lukewarm about making a long-term commitment to them," Russo told NYDN. "They knew getting me to sign would be dicey. I guess they didn't want a lame duck working with Mike."

Of course this means the end of the revolutionary "Mike and the Mad Dog" afternoon drive-time radio program that has been an icon in NYC for almost 19 years.

"That's it. No goodbye shows, no final shows, no nothing. Look I've been there for a long time. I loved the place. I just feel this is the right move at the right time - to take a blow and see what's out there."

The "Mike and the Mad Dog Show" consistently generated between $15 million and $17 million annually in advertising revenue. Couple that with the loss of the "Imus in the Morning" program, WFAN has taken 2 huge hits in the wallet in a year and a half.

For now, Francesa will do the show solo. There is no word if the station will look to fit Francesa with another co-host or the future of the YES network simulcast.


Anonymous said...

Good ridence! We won't even know he's gone!

Anonymous said...

We'll miss you, Chris. You are the best and you gave Mike credibility. He won't be the same without you.

Anonymous said...

Mike is JUST all about Yankee baseball and Parcells, with the horses at Saratoga for some spice.
Can he carry the schtick on his own?

Anonymous said...

good. tired of the guy who always cut off callers before they could even make their point. i was one of them. one time and that was one time too many. good luck anyway. your out of my life. ha

Mike said...

Bad move by Russo. If Howard Stern, with a zillion listeners, can't save satellite radio, the Angry Puppy won't either.

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