13 July 2008


After the Yankees 9-4 victory over Toronto Saturday, the team was informed of the passing of Bobby Murcer.

In their quest to bring Yankee fans player reaction to the news, Kim Jones and the camera crew zoomed in on Joe Girardi.

As Girardi was expressing his sorrow over the loss of a good friend he started to get emotional and got more emotional as the interview went on.

The more Girardi cried, the closer YES cameras zoomed in on the managers face and tear filled, blood shot eyes.

Very classless on YES' part.

But that is not what this posting is about.

Then at the point where Girardi really broke down, Jones asks him: "How difficult is this right now, Joe?"

Girardi, struggling to get words out between sobs replies: "very hard."

Yet, another dumb question from Jones.

But thats not what this posting is about.

This posting is about censorship at YES.

YESNETWORK.COM has a fan forum where fans can post their views on the Yankees and various other topics.

In the forum called "Ask Kim Jones, week 4" I posted the following:

"How difficult is this right now, Joe?"


Is anyone at YES awake?

The guy is crying over the death of a friend and boyhood hero and she asks THAT!

That post was officially listed as post number 50426.14.

As I anticiated would happen, a few hours later YES deleted the post as well as the reply to it, post number 50426.15.

To be fair, 50426.15 was pulled before I read it, so maybe the content violated the YES terms and was removed. I don't know.

This is not the first time YES has pulled one of my postings on Jones.


That post was a response to a dumb question asked to Derek Jeter.


As with my other postings on the YES forum, I was critical, but it was well within their forum guidelines as I understand them. Also, there are worse postings about Michael Kay.

Now since this is MY forum and I can say what I want, I will.

What is the deal with Jones and YES?

She is horrible. Horrible on YES and horrible on WFAN too.

Time after time she asks dumber and dumber questions. She makes YES look like a low budget network.

I highly doubt it is an "eye candy" issue either.

YES is doing a dis-service to their fans by employing Jones and for censoring the fans in the forums they created so the fans can speak out.

Finally, exactly what did Jones expect Girardi to say?

"Gee Kim, it's not difficult at all. I'm not really crying, someone is cutting onions."

Obviously, for some odd eason, YES has a sensitive spot regarding Jones and when someone speaks the negative truth on their forums about her, you get censored.

At YES, the truth hurts.

YES needs to wake up.

Click here for player statements then Kim and Joe video.

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