08 April 2007


I also put that post on YESNETWORK.COM's message forums. There were many replies from people who felt the same as I.

A few hours later, it was gone. YES pulled it.

This morning I made another post explaining what YES did. They pulled a posting they didn't like.

Guess what?...poof gone...AGAIN.


1. If you read the post about Jones I was critical but it was well within their forum guidelines as I understand them.

2. I've seen worse postings about Michael Kay.

3. I've seen worse postings about Yankees players and management.

So what does YES's actions say? Leave poor Kim alone!
Seems I hit a sore spot within YES regarding Kim Jones.

1 comment:

Eric said...

Of course it got pulled. You made a less than complementary comment about a WOMAN in sports broadcasting. You can't do that because it would be sexist. If you made negative comments about a man making similar stupid comments, that's ok because men have dominated sports broadcasting.

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