30 July 2008


Yanks send Kyle Farnsworth to Detroit for Ivan"Pudge" Rodriguez.

I-ROD: “Honestly, I was shocked by this, but that’s baseball. Now, I’m just looking forward to playing for the Yankees and maybe I will play against Detroit again in the playoffs. It's time for me to take the trade and go somewhere else. Right now, I'm going to be there for two months. I hope I can stay there. We'll see what happens, but at the same time, I'm just going to concentrate every single day there and try to make the Yankees make the playoffs again."

Numbers Game:

What number does Pudge wear?

He has worn 7 his whole career...until now.

7 is out, 17 is Christian, 27 is Girardi, 37 is retired, 47 is Ponson, 57 is free.

Would the Yankees knock it down one and give him....6.....?


Norman said...

Maybe. They still will likely retire 6 at some point but that doesn't mean no one else can use it meanwhile. And if you're going to give Torre's number to somebody, a future hall of fame catcher is not a bad choice.

Mike said...

I agree.

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