13 April 2008


More lack of intelligence from Joe Morgan:

Manny Ramirez is up at in the first and Phil Hughes throws a fast ball low for a called strike. Morgan says "Daisuke throws 90 and Hughes throws 90, but Hughes' 90 is faster because it moves more."

Hey Joe...90 is 90. It might be more difficult to hit because of the movement, but movement doesn't make the ball go faster.

Then in reference to that same pitch, Morgan says "Manny couldn't handle that pitch."

OK, fine....

Manny then lines one into center and Morgan says " You cant throw just any pitch you want to Manny cause he can handle anything."

Well what is it Joe? Can he or can't he?

Is anyone at ESPN listening?

1 comment:

YankeeFan said...

I heard that. Another priceless blooper for the sports anoouncer blooper reel.

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