07 March 2008


I understand that it's only spring training, but he's been throwing for almost 4 weeks.

“His sinker was up, his slider was flat,” Manager Joe Girardi said. “He was in bad counts."

Note to Joe: he was in bad counts because “His sinker was up, his slider was flat.”!

He should have had better command of his pitches by now.

Pitching coach Dave Eiland says: “It’s early, so he’s feeling strong. He was just under some pitches, so they were staying up and he wasn’t getting that late movement on his sinker."

Why not Dave? It's not "early" for pitchers. They started Feb. 14 and there is 3 weeks left until opening day. Not a lot of time for starters. Thats why they report earlier.

Eiland again: "He did throw some good changeups."

How many did he throw in 2/3 of an inning!? And why so many? Were they good for him or the Reds?

“My stride was too long,” Wang said. “My ball was not moving. I’ll fix it quick.”

Real quick.

He looks more like the ALDS pitcher than the assumed opening day pitcher.

Heck...Igawa bad day wasn't this bad.

                                   IP    H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR

C Wang (L,1-1) 2-3 6 6 6 2 0 0

Lets also give honorable mention to Rasner and Henn who also got beat around too.

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