11 January 2008


After reading Chuck Knoblauch's comments in the NY Times I officially became sick and tired of this steroid issue.

To me, this is more of a NON-issue. It's overrated and has been blown out of proportion.

Here are a few questions I'd like answered:

Q: If the steroids were so good, how come most of the players listed in the Mitchell report are scrubs?

F.P. Santangelo, Matt Franco, Mike Bell, Howie Clark, Mike Judd, Hal Morris and others were scrubs BEFORE their alleged steroid use and AFTER their alleged steroid use. Steroids were so good to Larry Bigbie that he landed a contract in JAPAN! As in any situation you will have your extremes, like Bonds and McGwire, and your middle of the road guys that might have got a boost, but over all these guys were and are NOTHING.

Q: If the steriods were so good, how come Knoblauch couldn't throw from 2nd to 1st? Anyone remember that?

"The problem began in his second season with the Yankees, in 1999, and grew worse. In 2000, a Knoblauch throw sailed into the first-base stands at Yankee Stadium and struck the mother of the broadcaster Keith Olbermann in the face. One of the simpler things in baseball — a throw many fans could pull off — had become a nightmare for Knoblauch. (NYT)

Q: If the steroids were so good, how come at 34 years old Knoblauch was washed up?

"By 2001, Knoblauch was playing left field. A year later, he was finishing out his major league career with Kansas City, retiring at the relatively young age of 34." (NYT)

34! Guys not on steroids are still getting multi year contracts at 34! Poor Chuck must have got a bad batch. I wonder if the steroids help Knobby push is lawn mower any faster?

Q: If using HGH to help heal your elbow faster so you can get back in the game is considered "cheating", how come getting a cortisone injection in your elbow to temporarily reduce pain and inflammation so you can get back in the game is not considered "cheating"?

By the way...cortisone IS a steroid.

"Cortisone is in a class of drugs called steroids. Cortisone prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation." (Drugs.com)

It is not an anabolic steroid in the P.E.D. sense, but it's a steroid none the less, and it is used to get players through injuries that might otherwise keep them on the bench.

Q: If a player gets a cortisone shot and hits a homerun in a game that he would not have played in without the shot, is the homerun "tainted"? How about the pitcher who goes 5 innings thanks to cortisone? Should those innings get a " * " because without the shot, he goes ZERO innings?

So thanks to Bud for opening this can of worms. You, Mitch and the MEDIA have given baseball a big black eye with this overrated, overblown issue.

I'm looking forward to Dan Naulty day at Yankee Stadium after he is elected to the Hall of Fame thanks to his steroid inflated stats.

Maybe the Yankees will retire his number....if anyone knows what number he wore.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your statement about the cortisone shots but you cant say that only steriods help scrubs when Bonds, Tejada, Roberts, Clemens, McGuire etc. were using them they are all stars and most are hall of famers

Mike said...

True, however I did say there were a few extremes. Read the names, most are scrubs. If the steroids really made a difference, they should all be HoFers.

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