13 December 2007


As I wrote in this blog this morning, this day is a cash cow for the players lawyers.

I read the report and there is NO EVIDENCE for most of the claims. It's all hearsay. Hearsay from a man who MIGHT BEAT BARRY BONDS TO JAIL!

This report falls in line with Geraldo and Capone's vault.

And don’t give me this crap about Mitchell’s credibility either. He’s a politician!

Notice how he went after Clemens. Anyone remember the not so friendly parting he had with the Red Sox? The same Red Sox that Mitchell is on the board of directors!

Funny how Mitchell said there are more players not mentioned but he found a way to mention 16 present and former Yankees.

What a scam.

Clemens' lawyer mentioned "slander". You'll be hearing a lot of that word in the next few days because that is exactly what it is...SLANDER.

The report should have never named names. The union will have a field day with this.

I'm no fan of Donald Fehr, but in this case, GO GET 'EM DON!

Selig should resign immediately.

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Stephen said...

I pretty much agree but "we" will be pretty lonel, given media's herd instinct and the great need to simplify the complex.

I would start with this. What is the difference between taking a cortizone shot and doing steriods?

If women have a right to decree their personal medical regimen, why not men?

And so forth. All rock and roll, I guess.

Glad you spoke out. Cheers, S

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