13 December 2007


MLB will regret this day.

Today will go down as the day that MLB will open the cash registers for the lawyers and scarred baseball for a long time.

Anyone that is named on the Mitchell report will be hiring an attorney and will sue MLB unless there is UNDISPUTED PROOF that what is in the report is 100% true.

Litigation will go on for years. The players association will also prepare a case against MLB, MAYBE EVEN A STRIKE could loom.

Remember, this report was PUT TOGETHER BY LAWYERS and will be TAKEN APART BY LAWYERS.

Bud Selig did the wrong thing by commissioning this investigation. This should have been handled in house through rigorous testing.

What happened in the past really doesn't matter because MLB will not change the past. They will not change records and stats. MLB needed to fix this for the future, not dig up dirty laundry.

However, for all of the names Jose Canseco was called for his tell-all book, it turns out he might be the ONLY ONE who was telling the TRUTH.

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