29 November 2007


For the record, I am AGAINST giving up Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy or Joba Chamberlain for Johan Santana.

I don't believe that he would be the same "dominant" pitcher in the American League East. His numbers vs the ALE are not impressive. He'll be good, but I don't expect to see Cy drop by again.

With that said, I began to wonder exactly what is the risk of giving up one of those "Top Prospects".

Looking at those "young guns" since 2000, I'd like to know whatever happened to Brandon Claussen, Ben Julianel, Domingo Jean, Eric Milton, Dan Jansen, Ryan Bradley and Brett Jodie?

What is Sam Marsonek doing these days?

Just a small sample of "all of those kid pitchers" the Yankees "gave away". I remember all of the noise made by sports writers and radio talkers, I'm sure you do too.

"Brandon Claussen for Aaron Boone! Oh my God! There they go again!" (Right, Sooz?)

Yes, one could bring up Ted Lilly who is decent or a scrub Jake Westbrook who somehow hangs on. But the record shows that what the Yankees have traded away have not lived up to their billing.

This off season all trade requests from other teams center around "The 3". All of those teams' scouts and evaluators can't be wrong. Everyone wants at least one of them.

Again, I am not in favor giving up Hughes, Kennedy or Chamberlain for Santana, but I'm not going to get all worked up if they do either. History sides with the Yankees.

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