27 November 2007


The idea of the Yankees giving up some of the names mentioned (Hughes, Cano, Melky, etc) for Johan Santana does not thrill me. I really don't care how much they pay him, I'm concerned on what they pay to get him.

Consider the following:

Santana is 16-11 lifetime vs the A.L. East, which includes 4-4 vs Boston and 2-4 vs Toronto. Not good.

Against the Angels, who always give the Yankees fits, he's 2-3. Also note that he's 1-2 Angels Stadium. Not good.

In A.L. East ballparks, Santana is 1-3 with a 6.89 ERA in Fenway, and 1-3, 5.76 at the SkyDome. Not good.

At Yankee Stadium Santana is 2-0 with a 1.17 ERA. Very good.

Those are the numbers that really matter. Its great he's got 13 career wins vs the White Sox and 12 against the Royals. He wont be facing them as much as a Yankee.

He could end up with 5 (or more) starts against Boston and Toronto and those numbers are not impressive.

"Beware of good pitchers on bad teams"


ajgdrums7814 said...
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Mike said...

Yes, I will base my evaluation on his lifetime performance over the 2 teams the Yankees have to deal with to win the division and their top 'out of division' nemisis. If he goes 4-0 over KC and Chicago great. But when he struggles against Boston over 5 or 6 starts there will be an "I'm shocked" factor out there when his numbers clearly state that one shouldn't be. Don't get me wrong, I'll gladly take him, but is he worth giving up a young pitcher that can put up those same numbers? Will Hughes get beat up by Boston but beat KC? Most likely. I stick with the house guys.

Thanks for reading NYYU!

Eric said...

If I may point out one other thing that no one ever seems to mention when they are quoting great stats for a pitcher when he plays at Yankee Stadium as an opponent:

Sure he's got a great record at the Stadium, but is it him being great at the Stadium or great against the Yankees?


ajgdrums7814 said...
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