09 October 2007



A-Rod: "One of the reasons I came here was to help this team win a world championship, I have failed at that."

Andy Pettitte: "The biggest thing for me is just my family. I have to get somewhere where I can talk to them about it and figure out what I'm going to do."

Jorge Posada on his future plans: "I'll talk about that later. We just lost a series. There's nothing to talk about, nothing to talk about Joe Torre, nothing to talk about right now. Joe Torre is the best manager in baseball. It's not his fault. He put the same lineup out there from April to now; he doesn't throw or hit on the field. He does everything possible to keep us positive and gets us to win."

Mariano Rivera who lobbied for an extension in spring training but was rebuffed: "They had the opportunities and they didn't do nothing with me. So we'll see what happens. They figured it was the best for the team and I'm OK with it. We'll see what happens. "

Joe Torre: "This has been a great 12 years. Whatever the hell happens from here on out, I'll look back on these 12 years with great, great pleasure. The 12 years felt like they were 10 minutes long, to be honest with you. Let's see what happens in the next few days, and, you know, whatever comes next, if I have some options, I'll look at it, because I'm certainly not ready to move somewhere and not do anything, I can tell you that."

Brian Cashman: "We ran into a very good Cleveland team. They earned the right to move on and we earned the right to go home. We didn't lose this series because of Joe Torre."

Johnny Damon: "I love Joe. I hope Joe stays."

Derek Jeter: "Sometimes you do well and you lose, and you don't do well and you win. It doesn't really make a difference. We didn't get the job done and that's the only thing that really matters."

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg: "Joe Torre is one of the great managers, and he could manage anything. This is a quality guy who knows how to attract people and get them to work together. That's what management is all about."

Joba Chamberlain: "I got to work with the greatest closer ever to play this game.You'd be dumb not to embrace it. That's something if you didn't take advantage of, it would be your own fault."

Don Mattingly: "I think Joe did a tremendous job. Joe should be here as long as he wants to be."

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