09 October 2007


Should Joe go? I say no.

GMS3 wants to let Joe go because he didn't win the World Series.

Lets look at some of the other things Joe Torre DIDN'T DO:

Joe DIDN'T sign Kei Agawa.

Joe DIDN'T sign Kyle Farnsworth.

Joe DIDN'T sign Carl Pavano.

Joe DIDN'T pull Roger's hammy.

Joe DIDN'T age Mike Mussina.

Joe DIDN'T injure Karstens, Hughes, Wang, Matsui, Damon, Man-K or Giambi.

Joe DIDN'T aquire Luis Vizciano.

Joe DIDN'T go 3 for 17 with 1 RBI and hit into 3 killer double plays in the ALDS.

Joe DIDN'T go 2 for 15 with 0 RBI in the ALDS.

Joe DIDN'T start 2 games in the ALDS for a total of 5.2 innings allowing 14 hits and 12 earned runs.

What Joe DID DO is lead this team through it all and made the post season after everyone thought the Yankees were done back in May.

What Joe DID DO was manage what was GIVEN TO HIM BY THE YANKEE "brASS".

Isn't that what a manager is supposed to do?

So go ahead Geo, let Joe go. There are plenty of teams waiting for you to pull the plug so they can make a run at him. Wonder why?

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