10 October 2007


Word circulating in Tampa is that Steinbrenner sons Hal and Hank are in the process of seizing power from Pappa George.

There has been rumblings that H & H were looking to take more control over the Yankees Empire from the ailing Yankee patriarch, however, this weekends statement from George about the do or die status of Joe Torre has expedited the process.
H & H found out about the statement like everyone else did, through the media. This infuriated Hal.

Last week Hal was "elected" as the chairman of the board for Yankee Global Enterprises, the position once held by ousted former brother-in-law, Steve Swindal.
Yankee Global is the holding company for the team and the YES network.

When the coup is completed Hank will replace Randy Lavine as president and Felix Lopez (husband of Steinbrenner daughter Jessica) will replace Lonn Trost as Chief Operating Officer.

Also on the way out are VP of Baseball Ops Mark Newman and Asst. GM Jean Afterman.

It is also being said that Brian Cashman and Gene Michael will assume larger roles in the new regime.

Hal's "no decision" statement yesterday about Joe Torre might have been the first shot fired in the coup, and makes George's statement over the weekend meaningless.

It seems that if Joe stays or goes will show the Yankee world who the real "BOSS" is.

1 comment:

Dan LaTorraca said...

that would really be interesting. Joe Torre would probably keep his job if this happens.

btw ur blog is great

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