09 December 2006


Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I am happy that Andy Pettitte is returning. I am not as giddy as some people who think its 1998 all over again. Having Andy back is good. But, as the Andy Pettitte reunion lovefest blooms, I began to wonder a few things.

The Yankees unceremoniously let Andy walk away after the 2003 season. They decided that his gimpy elbow wouldn't hold up. They were right. in 2004 he was 6-4 in 89 innings. Most of the season was spent on the DL. He was 17-9 in 2005 and 14-13 in 2006. If the Yanks didn't like his elbow then, what makes them think its any better now? To me its 519 innings older.

14-13 in 2006. We boo'd a guy who was 17-11. Andy gave up 238 hits. We blew razzberries at a guy who gave up 194. The papers trashed the guy who gave up 28 homeruns but are gleeful about signing a guy who gave up 27. As for the rest of the stats the two are pretty much equal. One guy got a new contract, the Yankees were trashed for paying the other guy so much.

So what happens if Andy pettitte has a season similar to 2006? Does he get the same treatment as the 17 win guy, or does he get a pass because of what he has done in the past?


Grant said...

good points all, however, as far as the up side, I think Gammons breaks it down quite well. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/columns/story?id=2692259
is all of that worth $16m? In this market? I dunno.

Eric said...

Have to agree with pinstripe mike on all accounts. It'll be interesting to see how the season pans out. Now if Roger decides to ride on Andy's coat tails back to NY, this could all be a good thing in the end.

Middle Relief said...

He'll be giving a free pass based on the 4 rings he won.

Questions are legit surrounding AP, but for some reason, I have more confidence in him than I would if the Bombers over paid for a Kid on the West Coast heading to the big city.

I like the move, like it a lot that it was a one year deal, which opens the roster up for the young crop of pitchers who are probably a year away from being ready for a full MLB season.

Middle Relief said...

ESPN is reporting rumors of Johnson getting traded - if that happens maybe it opens the door for Zito?

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