07 October 2006


A-Crud: "You kind of get tired of giving the other team credit, at some point, you just have to look in the mirror and say, 'I sucked'. (That was after he was done admiring himself in that mirror.) I know I certainly have to do well for this team to win."

Captain October: "We haven't gotten the job done. What happened the last few years has no bearing on this season. This season we didn't get the job done. We didn't win. What, are you going to go celebrate because you won a division title? No, we're here to win championships, that's our focus every year."

The Ca$hman: "I'm stunned. This team fooled me to some degree. This is a tough one because this team was capable of a lot, at least I thought. ("FOOLED"? I'd think up a better excuse before G3 summons you to Tampa next week.) I'm disappointed where we're at now."

More from A-Crud: "I can't talk about the rest of the lineup (you better not!), I just know that I could have done better. (Could have? Should have fits better!) I have no one to blame but myself." (But you'll try.)

Was this Bernie's last game as a Yankee? "I am wondering that as well. I don't really know what's going to happen, I'm going to just enjoy my offseason and hopefully make a decision at some time, at that point."

Heeeere's Johnny!: "We're very frustrated. We were expecting to win a world championship when we showed up to spring training. A couple of days ago we were even talking about how great our offense was rolling, right after that first game. And three days later, it's gone."

Hey "A"....How about waiving your no trade clause and get the @#$% out of here: "My commitment is 100 percent. Unconditional. I want to be a Yankee. (oh goody) I don't want to go anywhere, and I can't be more clear. I hope they don't want to trade me, because I don't want to go anywhere. I mean, if they're dying to get rid of me, I hope not. I mean, I'm 100 percent committed to being a Yankee and that's the only place I want to play (when do you start playing?). I believe I can be part of the solution here. (SOLUTION? You are part of the problem, "A" !) I've had success in New York -- in the regular season. I have to find it in the postseason."

Gotta Go To Mo: "Tough to be sitting in the bullpen and watch the team just fall like that. Helpless. Can't do nothing against that, It's not supposed to happen like. But unfortunately, it's happened."

Yo Ca$h, whats next? "I haven't even thought about next year, I wasn't even expecting to think about next year." (Start thinking, next year came sooner than you thought.)

Hey Jeet...Whats the deal? "We haven't played well when it counted. That's it. Bottom line."

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