29 August 2006


Quote from Derek Jeter when told that Carl Pavano will miss his rehab start due to the broken ribs he tried to hide from Yank management:

"I can't worry about guys who are not here. It's not a letdown if you're not counting on it. It's not hard to believe. That's what's been happening all the time."

Catcher Jorge Posada:

“I don’t think we’re going to see him this year, so there’s not more you can say about that. We’re just worrying about the guys that are here.”

Manager Joe Torre believes that Pavano is done for the year:

"Every time we think we have something solved, something else pops up. You sort of shake your head. I'm sure we'll see him sooner or later, but I don't think we can count on him for this year. We should have been told about it. You certainly endanger yourself and the commitment to us when you take chances like he seems to have taken."

Yankees GM Brian Cashman:

"The right choice right now is just to make sure that he has a full physical evaluation based on the knowledge that he was in a car accident, to the severity we don't know, really, we just have to make sure we rule everything out before we schedule him for his next start."

Pavano was examined Tuesday in Columbus, Ohio, and the Yankees decided to bring him to New York and have team physician Dr. Stuart Hershon conduct tests Wednesday.

Also, Cashman wouldn't rule out disciplinary action but said his investigation might take several weeks.

When Pavano has been around the team, some players have been exasperated by what they say among themselves is his apparent indifference, citing that he has been a regular on the massage table and is often seen munching candy bars.

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