30 August 2006


Yankees general manager Brian Cashman shut down Carl Pavano for at least two weeks Wednesday, after the pitcher was examined by team physician Dr. Stuart Hershon. Pavano wanted to keep pitching through the rib injury, but Cashman turned him down.

Cashman also said discipline was possible.

"We're certainly investigating, and if there's something for us that's worth disciplining, then we're going to pursue that discipline, there's no doubt about that."

Other Cash Quotes:

"Two years into this thing, it hasn't worked out thus far."

"He's got two years left to salvage it and make good. It just makes no sense to jeopardize anything going forward because of the emotions of the moment."

"There's no doubt that fans, front office, players, his teammates -- everything is about earning respect on a daily basis. Hiding injuries and stuff like that loses credibility, loses respect, and clearly he's got a mountain to climb to get back into the fold, and that's on him. One of the challenges in front of him going forward, is to get back credibility and respect from the people that he has respect for."


susan mullen said...

Pinstripe Mike always has great news,
but he excels in the Pavano department. Remember Mike had the goods about Pavano's girlfriend dumping him quite awhile back; then about Pavano trying to pick up some
barmaid who also wasn't impressed.

Pinstripe_Mike said...

Thanks for the kind words Susan. I was away on vacation with the family for a while and got home the day the Pavano story broke. Thanks for reading NYYU!

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