11 July 2006


As we sit tonight and watch another All-Star Game in a city that does not deserve one, let us reflect on how MLB has turned up its nose to New York City.

The last All-Star game in NYC was the 1977 game at Yankee Stadium. Prior to that, Shea Stadium represented NYC in 1964.

Since 1977 Pittsburgh has had 2 All-Star games ('94 & '06). San Diego 2 ('78 & '92), Seattle 2 ('79 & '01), Cleveland 2 ('81 & '97), Chicago 3 ('83, '90 & '03), Cleveland 2 ('81 & '97) and the State of Texas has had 3 ('86, '95 & '04).

Most of these multiples is a result of MLB's twisted policy of kissing good-bye the old stadiums and welcoming in the new. A policy that rewards owners who hold the fans hostage to have their taxes raised to build a new stadium so the owners can charge the fans $7 for a beer and $10 to park their car.

A policy that sounds like it was devised by a used car salesman from Milwaukee.

Oh yea, the fans. NYC will put over 7 million "fannies in the seats" this year. This will be the 2nd year that the Yankees are going over 4 million. The resurgent Mets should hit the 3 million mark. The Pirates are averaging 18,000 per game.

The NYC market puts more money in MLB's coffers than any other market. The Yankees road attendance is unmatched. The largest crowds of the year are when the Yankees come to town. In some locations it's the only sell-out those teams will see. The Yankees sell more merchandise than any other team WORLD WIDE.

MLB sells the All-Star game as the fans game. How does MLB reward the fans of NY baseball? They don't. They just take the money and run. If it really was for the fans NYC would have had at least 2 games since 1977.

A final note, to celebrate Barroid Bond's anabolic carrer, San Fransisco will host the 2007 game. Their 2nd since 1977.


iister said...

Now the only question is how do we get a link of this page in front of the nose of a certain "Used Car Salesman from Milwaukee"??? This was so well written and to the point. Ole BS himself needs to read it!!!


susan mullen said...

Agree of course,but it's only going to
get worse--Allan "Bud' has the media on his side building hatred against NY
& word is they'll be asking for even more revenue sharing--from the fan. What's needed is someone in the media who has the nerve to go against ESPN
and Bud.

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