11 March 2006



It's not my usual tactic to critisize someone's blog. Blogs are fun and I respect most everyones opinion. But, when you read something that is so off the wall, I had to say something.

Blogger Mark Gallagher, of
Inside the New York Yankees.com thinks he knows why GMS3 is against the WBC.

He writes: "...the Red Sox can't do to the Yankees what a successful WBC has the power to do: Make the Yankees less relevant and Steinbrenner knows it." "It's about rejecting a system that would threaten the Yankees' storybook success in the major leagues."

Give me a major league break! Mr. Gallagher actually believes that an exhibition (which is what it really is) series with mostly minor league and lower talent is a threat to the Yankees history.

I put more stock in the Olympic gold medal team than anything that comes out of the WBC.

The fact is world wide, the N.Y. Yankees are the most successful and recognized sports team in the history of professional sports. Even in places where baseball is not well known people can identify the overlapping "NY".

Pitch counts, mercy rules and ties is not baseball.

I respect Mr. Gallagher's opinion. I just feel he is way off base.

The WBC is as much as a threat to the Yankees as was the USFL to the NFL.


susan mullen said...

Why respect a mental defective's opinion, or even publicize it? If you
have no talent, you use George's name
& that gets you publicity. The wbc is
a money grab by Allan Selig---who's
made hundreds of millions from baseball---never giving, always taking. It's a fraud, a crime, & a way
for Selig to get tv time again with a
murderous, torturing dictator, while
trying to make more money in areas where baseball is ALREADY POPLUAR (see
Forbes Magazine, 12/05). These guys
desperately want to keep the focus
on George, rather than on others who are putting his money in their
own pockets.

Pinstripe_Mike said...

Susan, my dear...a little extra caffeine in the espresso this morning?

By the way...you're right on!

Baseball Widow said...

"The fact is world wide, the N.Y. Yankees are the most successful and recognized sports team in the history of professional sports."

Not sure I'd go so far. . . football (soccer) is a force not to be trifled with. Would like to see some hard stats to go with that broad-sweeping comment.

Nice blog, though. . .saw that Pinto plugged you. Congrats.

Bob Sullivan said...

The World Cup doesn't come close to bothering Manchester United or Real Madrid, and so the WBC shouldn't bother the Yankees.

A month-long, quadrennial event isn't going to overshadow what the Yankees do 162 games a season, plus October.

Additionally, this whole Cuba thing is bothersome. The Cuban team long ago said they'd donate all the revenue their team makes from the WBC to Katrina relief (something the US team has not done), so who cares. The players aren't Castro, Castro can't play. It's about baseball, not the Cold War.

Anonymous said...

Steinbrenner simply doesn't want his goods damaged. Any revenues generated by/for any MLB team internationally are divied up among all teams equally. Steinbrenner doesn't want his $45 million-a-year-left-side-of-infield rupturing a quad for the sake of the KC Royals bottom line.

Pinstripe_Mike said...

Baseball Widow: What team has won more championships than the Yankees?

Thanks for reading NYYU!

Pinstripe_Mike said...

Who's Pinto?

Pinstripe_Mike said...

Figured out who Pinto is. I linked him too.

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