31 July 2006


Living in the limelight...The universal dream...For those who wish to seem...Those who wish to be...Must put aside the alienation...Get on with the fascination...The real relation...The underlying theme....... "Limelight" by Rush.

When he came to the Yankees, Alex Rodriguez had to learn a new position. I'm not talking about 3rd base either.

He had to learn the "limelight" position. Some have thrived, Reg-gie, Jeter, O'Neill. Some have
not, Whitson, Rogers, Johnson.

As we know, "A" is not a "limelight" guy. He will never be considered as the next "Mr. October".

"A" has played a good 3rd base since becoming a Yankee. Is he the best in the league, no. Is he the worst, no. He's fine.

"A" has put up great offensive numbers during his tenure including an AL MVP. Yea, we get on him for his 3 run homers with the Yankees ahead 7-1 in the 8th, and the whiff in a 2-2 game, 2 outs, bases loaded in the 7th, but somewhere, somehow all of those homers and RBI's meant something in the long run. They had too.

Now you're wondering where Bobby Abreu figures into this.

Tuesday night at 7:05 in the house that Ruth built, Bobby Abreu, one of the "prizes" of the non-waiver dead line, steps into the limelight position somewhat bumping "A" out of it.

This is a good thing for "A". Moving some of the Broadway brights off of "A" should allow him to relax, get a grip and be himself, not the Bambino, The Mick or Donnie Baseball.

This isn't "let Manny be Manny", this is let "Alex Rodriguez be A-Rod".

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