04 May 2012


If one were to watch the news coverage of Mariano Rivera's injury, and were able to edit out what happened, you'd think he died and fans are ready to sew on the black arm bands on their 42 shirts.

Mariano Rivera got hurt. It's a YUGE (as Mike Francesa would put it) obstacle for the Yankees but one that they can overcome.

As Alex Rodriguez put it last night "we are the New York Yankees and nobody is going to feel sorry for us, guys are going to have to step up."

"A" is right and it starts with HIM. It also starts with Teixambi and Cano. These guys need to start hitting NOW.

Life without Mo will be a lot easier if they need to rely on a closer less often. This team has the capability of staying out of save situations if guys step up, as "A" says.

Then we hear "is Robertson ready to be the closer?" Should Soriano assume the role based on his experience in closing games for Tampa Bay?"

The answer is YES to BOTH. Rafael Soriano has the experience and David Robertson has the talent. Soriano and Robertson should share the role and then slowly increase Robertson's games until he's the full time closer come mid September. There is NO reason to throw him into the closer spot all at once.

The final step will be to move Hughes into a set up spot where he has succeeded in the past when Andy Pettitte arrives.

Another amazing thing to hear is "why is he shagging fly balls!!??"

Please...anyone with half of a Yankees brain knows that this has been his routine since his minor league days, some 20 years worth. Most true Yankees fans knew this and I never heard "is it safe for him to be doing that?" over the last 18 years, so lets not start now.

So, is this the end of Mo? I say no. Mariano Rivera is a proud man. He feels that he let his team down, which is absurd. Derek Jeter last night said "he'll be back" and I think so too.

Mariano Rivera will leave baseball on HIS terms. If he is physically able to return in 2013 (maybe 2012), he'll be back.

Anyone doubt him?

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