17 February 2012


The Yankees and Pirates are about to complete the trade that would send A-Jei Burnett to Pittsburgh for cash and two minor league scrub roster fillers.

The Pirates will pay $13 million of the $33 million the Yankees owe Burnett, (who has better control throwing whipped cream pies than fastballs), through 2013.

In a relationship that even eHarmony could not make, A-Jei gets to serve out his contract in obscurity with small crowds, no expectations to win, a new catcher to complain about and a new manager to bark at when he is removed for giving up 7 runs on 10 hits in 3 innings. Meanwhile, the Bucs get to continue their strive for mediocrity by gettting a guy with a nasty breaking pitch and a good  meatball  fastball, who will give them 200 innings, go .500 over the 2 years, who looks like a comic book and will show up with the occasional black eye. BUT, if A-Jei can put something decent together this season, the Pirates might be able to pawn him off to a contender at the trade deadline for a couple of  suspects   prospects better than what they sent the Yankees.

The deal is pending MLB approval and the appropriate physicals.

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