21 December 2011


There was a time that the Yankees had something on the bench that no other team had. That was "fear", a pure threat sitting on the bench. The likes of Daryl Strawberry, Chili Davis and Ruben Sierra (maybe throw in Tim Raines).

Opposing managers were conflicted trying to decide if to make a pitching move that could end up bringing one of these players off of the bench. Their presence alone was a threat, just sitting there, holding a bat.

This factor has been missing for a number of years now. In 2011 the Yankees used Andruw Jones as the big bat off the bench. While Jones was a good player for the Yankees, nobody was afraid of him.

Who can the Yankees bring in, at a reasonable price, to fill that role?  I submit the name of  Vladimir Guerrero.

Guerrero who will be 37 going into next season, hit .290/13/63 with 30 doubles for the Orioles last season for $7.5 million. 

If he is willing to accept the roll of a part-timer, for less money, the Yankees could be a viable home for Vlad.

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