04 August 2011


What should the Yankees do with A-Jei?

The over-manager intends to send him out for his next start.

“He’s starting on Wednesday,” Joe Girardi said. “His numbers aren’t that bad. If you look at the numbers of Hughes, I mean, Hughesy made one good start. We look at the whole year, and A.J.’s been decent for us.” (Quote from Chad Jennings)

This is a ridiculous statement. This cluck couldn't hold a 12 rum lead through 5!

First of all Phil Hughes was not right from spring training, so to compare the two is stupid. Second, I will put Hughes out there before A-Jei in a heart beat and to say that A-Jei has been "decent", really puts the over-managers logic into question.

So what are the Yankees options? As I see it they have 2.

They keep him on rotation and sacrafice Hughes or Nova to other duty or the minors or they sit him.

The Yankees could ask him to accept a stint in the minors to work it out for a few weeks, but he probably wont accept.

Bullpen duty would be worthless and who would you bump?

He probably has or will clear waivers, but nobody in their right mind would claim him anyway.

A trade is out of the question. A-Jei has a 10 team no trade clause, but then again, who'd want him? I read someone's suggestion of a Burnett-Barry Zito swap. Headache for Headache. Giants might be interested because Zito is due more money through 2013. But, we know that will not happen.

The Yankees wont relese him, he's due 16m for '12 and '13.

I'd sit him.

Let him ponder over his situation, seach or the nearest tattoo place or Percing Pagoda. Let him rot and maybe he will reconsider the minors stint.

Eitherway, A-Jei should not make his next start and "pie" duty should be relegated to another player.

A-Jei is here to stay.

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