15 May 2011


Q. What do you get when you cross Rickey Henderson, Jorge Posada and John Sterling?

A. "Jorgie Jaked One!"

"I told him I couldn't play today, and that I needed time to clear my head, and that was it. My back stiffened up a bit. I was taking a lot of groundballs at first base and working out, and it stiffened up," Posada said. "I wasn't 100% to play the game. I mean, nothing serious."

That's the quote, we know the story. The side notes are what will drive this story for days. We know there is little love between Posada and the manager. There is an obvious conflict between Posada and the GM. The owner has talked to the Commissioner.....and on and on.

We have heard from Posada, Cashman and Girardi and now Andruw Jones:

"He kind of warned me. He told me he wasn't feeling very well."

So, what does the Captain think? We don't know. After scouring the papers and internet for a quote. Derek Jeter is nowhere to be found on this subject. Where was the YES Network after the game?

If the Captain is not chiming in on this, what is the point of having a Captain in the first place? I can just imagine what Thurman Munson would have said to a player in this situation.

Maybe Jeter is working behind the scenes, in private. That's fine but the media still needs to get something from the Captain, even if he simply says "this is an internal matter and we will take care of it that way."

We need to hear from the Captain.

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