09 July 2010


NY Post's Joel Sherman is reporting that the Yankees are close to obtaining Cliff Lee from the Mariners and that.....

"Cashman might now be in position to either put Hughes in the bullpen to bolster that shaky area or trade a starter, possibly Vazquez, for a few prospects. It was possible that injured Double-A second baseman David Adams also was part of the deal to Seattle since he is a player the Mariners like a great deal."

Not buying any of it. Moving a one of the seasons best starters to the pen is dumb, Javy has a no-trade to the NL West and AL West and makes 2.5 mil MORE than Lee for this season, so he will not be easy to move. Javy is a head case and only the Yankees can (or are willing) to pay $11.5 million for him and his psycological needs.

Another rumor out there is that Jayson Werth is coming to the Yankees.

First, this would tell Phillie Phans that the team is throwing in the towel on 2010. Sending Werth to NY for Javy doesn't help the Phils any, especially since Raul Ibanez came back to earth this season. Javy doesnt fill the gap left by Chase Utley and losing Werth just creates another hole in the line up.

Where would Werth play? Who sits? Can only have 1 DH in the line up.

In order for the Yanks to place Werth and Lee on this team now would require many moves that could really disrupt the chemistry they have.

This IS the best team in baseball we are talking about.

Look for the Yankees to obtain a utility guy with some pop off the bench and some help in the pen.

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