27 May 2010


This from Andrew Fletcher at "Gravity Always Wins."

One of my favorite Yankees blogs, “IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAR, IT IS… caught,” broke the law.

They were told today by MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) to stop posting John Sterling audio on its website. That means “there can be no more winwarbles, no more Sterling mash-ups, no more sounds,” author el duque wrote.

All YouTube videos posted by the blog now have this message: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by MLB Advanced Media.”

I don’t believe in stifling original content, especially in the age we are in today. I also don’t see the harm in what “IT IS HIGH…” was doing. If anything, it’s free publicity for Major League Baseball.

Hopefully the blog will find new ways to share its hilarity. I can’t tell you how many laughs I’ve had listening to their Sterling audio and videos.

Best of luck, guys.

MLB is a joke and we have all heard how thin skinned Sterling is, so this does not come as a shock. Ma needs to tell Pa to get over himself.

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