08 December 2009


WFAN says that the 3 way deal that would bring Curtis Granderson to New York is dead. Is that a good thing?


Here is the rumored deal:

  • The Yankees get Curtis Granderson from the Tigers and one or two prospects from the Diamondbacks.

  • The Diamondbacks receive Edwin Jackson from the Tigers and right-hander Ian Kennedy from the Yankees.

  • The Tigers would get right-hander Max Scherzer from the Diamondbacks, along with centerfielder Austin Jackson and lefty relievers Phil Coke and Michael Dunn from the Yankees.

The Tigers wanted Phil Hughes included in the deal, but the Yankees don't want to give him up.

So the Yankees would give up Hughes, Kennedy, Jackson, Dunn and Coke to get Granderson and a couple of suspects?

Excuse me Howie, but...NO DEAL!

Sure Granderson hit 30 HR's but he hit .249 with a .329 OBP. Anyone remember Dave Kingman?

Hughes and Kennedy could have brought the Yanks Johan Santana! Now all they are worth is a low average HR hitter?

This deal has to be a media creation. If I was the Yankee GM and I got a call with this deal, I'd probably forget to hang up the phone before I started laughing.

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