22 April 2009


Here is a theory about the wind issue that I can respect. It doesn't come from a fan or player, or sportswriter, or broadcaster.

It comes from a meteorologist. Someone with actual knowledge of wind patterns.

While I believe this whole wind thing is over blown (pun intended), Accuweather.com's Bernie Rayno believes that the cause is the shape of the structure and the slope of the seating.

Click on one of the photos for the full report.

"Although the field dimensions of the new stadium were designed to be exactly that of the old stadium, the shell of the new stadium is shaped differently. AccuWeather.com meteorologists also estimate that the angle of the seating tiers in the new stadium could have a different effect on wind motion across the field."

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I go with Science. So much for design money. Legroom gets them the cellar in AL East.

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