30 April 2009


An unauthorized book about Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez is coming out a month sooner than planned.

Harper-Collins announced that "A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez" has been changed
after a release delay that suspiciously coincides with A-Rod's DL stint.

The NY Daily News offers up a few details leaked out for promotional purposes.

As ESPN's Mike and Mike pointed out this morning, the NYDN's article contains terms such as "may have", "suspected of", "strongly suggests", "unnamed major-leaguer is quoted as saying", "anonymous Yankees", "A former high school teammate told" and "Another student said".

If that is the substance behind the book, then it is nothing more that tabloid trash that should be on display at the supermarket express lane.

Also, the NYDN article fails to remind us is that the books author, Selina Roberts, is the same person who as a NY Times reporter, played judge and jury in convicting 5 Duke Lacrosse players of a gang rape in 2006. Roberts now works for Sports Illustrated.

The accusation was proved to be a lie and the charges dropped. The North Carolina State Bar Disciplinary Committee unanimously voted to strip prosecuting district attorney Mike Nifong of his law license for his handling of the case. He was also jailed, fined and sued.

Roberts never retracted any of her reports and in fact continued to trash, some say slander, the innocent lacrosse players after the charges were dropped. While reporting on the case, Roberts used the same vague terms and unnamed sources being used against Rodriguez.

Anyone who would buy this trash is simply wasting their money and supporting yellow journalism.


Nancy said...

I agree, see posting in my blog.

Dave Russell said...

Guess I really should have a blog to make a post, but I don't yet, so this will have to do.

I agree wholeheartly with the comments. Trash, Trash, Junk, Junk. Add me to the list that won't be buying it.

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