23 February 2009


Now is the time for the Yankees to get Manny Ramirez. Give him what he wants along with a ticket to Tampa.

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez could be facing federal drug trafficking charges. That could be the Yankees window to void his contract.

Who would replace "A" in the line up?

With Manny, they could bat 3,4,5 Tex, "A" and Manny.

If "A" is gone, Tex, Manny and __?__, still is not bad.

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yankees magazine said...

Give me some of what your smoking mike. How can Arod be faceing fed drug charges when we don't even know for sure what he took. Their is almost zero chance of getting anything to stick to Arod. And there's even a less than zero chance of the yankees voiding the contract of the best player in the game. Not to mention the yankees have zero interest in paying Manny what he wants. The yankees should stick with who they have and see how the first half the season pans out.

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