23 July 2008


Yesterday on WFAN, Mets press shill John Heyman told Mike Francessa that the Yankees were interested in Seattle pitcher Jarrod Washburn.

Today on SI.com Heymaker is reporting the deal would be Washburn and Jose Vidro for Kei Igawa.

It seems that the Mets' Heyboy has been hanging out with Peter Gammons too much.

Washboard is on his way to his 5th double digit losing season. He was 18-6 in 2002 and has been a worthless scrub for the rest of his 11 year MLB career.

Washout gets $10 mil for this year AND $10 mil for next year too. Kei-O'd is due $4 mil per until 2011.

Vidro is hitting .223. He does have a lifetime .298 with 6 season over .300. So, why the drop-off this year? It's known that the guy is a bit of a head case, so maybe playing for the worst team in baseball has lowered his enthusiasm to play.

No Deal, Howie.

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