28 May 2008

"MOVE" or "MOVES" ?

During his post game interview Joe Girardi said that he was going to talk to Brian Cashman about "moves". This was during the announcement that Ian Kennedy was DL bound.

Maybe I'm reading into this too much, but Kennedy to the DL and bringing up a replacement is a "move", more than that are "moves", plural.

So, will there be more that a a simple pitcher swap?

With the team on the road, its a good time to make "moves", plural.

In addition to the Kennedy and ___? ?___swap, I would make today "Black Wednesday" in Yankeeland.

Hawkins, Ohlendorf, Duncan, Ensberg and Betemit all OUT. ESPECIALLY HAWKINS!

Unlike some of my fellow bloggers, I'm not easily wooed by AA and AAA stats. I've seen too many of these AAA "all-stars" come up and stink.

With that said, since the Yankees are making a movement towards youth, I can't see how some Scranton call-ups can be any worse than the 5 players mentioned above.

The signing of Ben Broussard was fine and he might be an option to replace Duncan/Ensberg. I do not want to see Jason Lane though. Bringing up Lane would simply be a scrub for scrub swap.

Instead, bringing in some of these kids that my fellow bloggers talk about could provide the spark this team needs along with giving us a glimpse of the future.

With this current roster, this team is no better than .500.

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