04 April 2008


It didn't take long for my point to be proven.

LaTroy Hawkins was a DUMB signing and Kyle Farnsworth should have been sent packing.

These are 2 of the points readers of this blog read over the winter and into the spring.


For those who missed the game, starter Ian Kennedy didn't have it tonight. Kennedy lasted 2-1/3 innings and allowed six runs.

He was replaced by the trio of Albaladejo, Ohlendorf and Traber who did a great job of holding down the Rays as the Yanks inched back into the game.

Then came the 2 guys who should have NEVER worn a Yankee uniform.

Hawkins and Farnsworth sealed the game for the Rays by giving up seven runs in the eighth with the big blow being a 3 run upper tank shot by Carlos Pena off of Farnsworth.

Hey Kyle, you don't have Joe Torre to blame for this one!

I like Brian Cashman, but his lousy record of signing free agent pitchers continues.

The shame of it all is that according to Michael Kay,
Albaladejo will be sent to Scranton tomorrow to make room for Andy Pettitte.

How about a DFA for Farnsworth instead?

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