19 April 2008


Here is yet another assault by Boob Watson on the Yankees with unfair fines and suspensions.

Boob is still mad at the elder Steinbrenner for exposing his incompetence as a GM (read Joel Sherman's "Birth of a Dynasty").

Kyle Farnsworth has been suspended for 3 games and fined $2000 by the "vice president of on-field operations" for the wayward pitch to Manny Ramirez on Thursday night.

What a stooge. (My apologies to Larry, Moe and Curly)

Ramirez believes it might have been retaliation for Alex Rodriguez getting plucked the Wednesday night, after hitting home run against Clay Buchholz.

He wasn't really upset about the pitch, calling it "part of the competition" between the rivals.

"You know, we hit one of their best players last night, and I guess they want to send a message. They need to back up their players, and they did."

The umpires only issued warnings to both benched. If the umpires thought that Farnz was intentionally trying to injure Ramirez, Farnz would have been EJECTED.

But there were NO ejections.

Stupid assed Boob Watson just saw another oportunity to stick it to the Yankees.

Where was Boob when Pedro Martinez sent Derek Jeter and Alfonso Soriano to the hospital on consecutive at-bats?

Derek Jeter has been hit by Red Sox pitchers more than any other team.

Are you paying attention, Boob, you jerk?

Farnsworth said he was "shocked" by the decision of the incompetent fool, and would appeal the penalty.

Don't be too shocked Ky, Boob is a flaming JACK ASS.

"The ball just slipped I didn't hit him. I'm not going to intentionally hit a guy in the head and maybe end his career. It wasn't my intention to hit him. I don't understand it. I didn't hit him. No one was ejected. So I don't know why he ruled the way he did."

Joe Girardi was flabbergasted. "I am shocked and I don't understand it. I disagree with it. It doesn't make any sense to me. There have been far worse incidents that have gone without penalty this season."

They were not Yankees, Joe.

Farnsworth said he will appeal.

Thats great, but a Yankee talking to Boob is just like talking to a bottle of ketchup. However, in this case, the ketchup is smarter than the Boob.

Maybe the top incompetent fool at MLB will step in.

Butt Selig knows more about baseball than Boob, but then again so does the ketchup.

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