27 October 2007


Lets assume Tony Peña does not get the manager job.

According to todays NY Daily News, he is willing to stay on as a coach.

"If I didn't get the job and they asked me to come back as a coach, I'd have no problem with that," Peña said. "I've fallen in love with this organization and I'm very, very proud to wear that uniform."


Lets say Don Mattingly is the new manager. What happens to Joe Girardi?

Rumor is he could end up in Dodgertown. If he chose to stay with the "family", and Larry Bowa stays too, Bowa could be The Don's bench coach, Peña and Girardi on the bases.

Maybe Peña to the bench and Girardi at 1st, Bowa stays at 3rd.

If Bowa goes to Seattle, that would open a spot for Joe G also.

Then there is still YES and FOX.

Lets say Joe Girardi is the new manager. Will Don be willing to stay?

Don made it clear he wants to manage the Yankees. If Girardi is successful, Don might never get that chance.

Would Don be happy with a base coach gig if Bowa or Peña go to the bench?

Yankees Universe can't lose Joe Torre AND Don Mattingly at the same time.

If I was making the selection, I'd need some time too.

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