16 October 2007


Remember Pedro Martinez and the "who's your daddy" comment after the Yankees beat up on him in the play-offs a few years ago? That is exactly what is happening now between Scott Boras and Alex Rodriguez; " Hey, A- Rod, who's your Daddy?"

A-Rod is Scott's bitch. Plain and simple. "A" will do what Boras tells him. If Boras tells "A" you are going to L.A., then he'll be "L-A-Rod", if Scott says Boston, he's there. "A'" will not make the call on where he plays next season, Boras will.

What "A" seems to be missing is that Boras is the guy who landed him in Texas in 2001, by passing on legitimate deals from the Red Sox and Mets. Boras said Texas and "A" said giddyup!

"A" also forgets who bailed him out of that last place Texas lock-up, the Yankees. How about some loyalty to the posse that sprung you, cowboy?

After the Yankees playoff loss to Cleveland, "A" claimed that he had not given any thought about his opt-out clause. YES Network announcer David Justice, on the air, labeled that as "rediculous". Dave was right.

During the season "A" had said numerous times that he likes New York, likes the Yankees and wants to stay in New York. Isn't that "thought"? If "A" was sincere he would call Boras and tell him to get to Tampa and make it work.

This could aslo give him a shot a hitting the first homerun in the new stadium, forever linking him with "The Babe." Thats a big ego booster and "A" is all about ego.

If "A" opts out, the choices are few. The Yankees claim they will not get into a bidding war. The other real options are the Red Sox, Mets, Angels and Dodgers.

The Red Sox could do it as a spite move against the "evil empire". Fine. That should be a fun clubhouse with "A" and Manny.

Last week on The Michael Kay radio show on 1050 ESPN, Boras mentioned yet again an interest in a team with regional sports network (RSN) as in "A" would like a cut. The #1 RSN in the country is the YES Network, 40% owned by the Yankees.

Kay brought up the fact that YES charges $10K for a 30 second commercial and SNY, partially owned by the Mets, charges $6K for the same spot. Boras suggested that "A" is that 4K difference. Obviously Boras doesn't understand the power of the Yankees brand globally, hence the name "Yankees GLOBAL Enterprises."

Angels owner Arte Moreno, who can afford "A" is under contract with FOX to broadcast locally and so are the Dodgers. Moreno stated last week that he has no plans to start a RSN, same for the Dodgers. The Red Sox are under contract with NESN and has no stake in the network. I find it highly unlikely that the Yankees or Mets will give "A" a piece of the TV pie.

The real "opt"-ions for "A" are limited, unless he wants to end up in another situation, like he did in Texas, where all the team can afford is him. "A" will be once again be surrounded by minimum talent and will have his Octobers free.

So, where will the "Bitch" end up? Wherever "Daddy" tells him.

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Rebecca said...

Dude, Scott Boras is probably my least favorite person on the planet right now, aside from George Bush, Osama, that Iranian dude and the dean of my college that's lost my registration form, bah!

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