08 October 2006


Farnsworth: C. His wildness and knack for giving up the long ball makes me nervous.

Johnson: D. He has to be the worst 17 game winner I ever saw. The injuries, wildness, HR's and worst of all, the excuses. I'm tired of this guy. It's time to retire. Will he pass up the 16 mil? Highly doubtful.

Lidle: D. Was not impressive after his Yank debut.

Mussina: C. Have you ever noticed how Muss can't pitch with a lead? Add in the groin and elbow...throw in blowing the lead against Detroit, a very mediocre season.

Myers: C. Showed he's a 50/50 chance at best when called on for 1 batter. A 1 batter pitcher is a waste of a roster spot that could be filled by a youngster.

Proctor: B. His over use was his down fall. I still believe that he could be the successor to Mo.

Rivera: A. Need I say more?

Villone: C. Had a great stretch in the middle 3rd of the season. Before and after he stunk. Over use could have played a factor into his late season flops.

Wang: A. Without him, Yanks are nowhere. Cy candidate and 2007 opening day starter. He's the Ace.

Wright: F. Returned to his scrub form from his Cleveland days.

Honorable mentions to Bruney, Dotel, Karstens, Sturtze and Beam.

"Thanks for nothing" to Pavano and Chacon.

Next Report Card: Catchers.


Mr. Faded Glory said...

I don't get the hate for Mussina and Wright. Mussina had more quality starts than any other Yankee pitcher (23) was two behind the league leader (Santana) and 5 ahead of Wang (18). He had a fantastic season.

Wright - of whom I am no fan - certainly didn't deserve an "F". He had a servicable year for a 5th starter, which is all he was supposed to be.

Pinstripe_Mike said...

Mr. FG:

I believe 'hate' is a harsh word here. I don't 'hate' Mussina, I simply believe that his 15-7 is not 'fantastic'. Muss was 5-4 after the AS Break. Down the stretch he was 0-2 in Aug, 2-2 in Sept/Oct. Plus the elbow and groin again. As for Wright, in 27 starts he went 5.0 innings or less 11 times. He went over 6.0 innings twice. Thats a bullpen killer.
However, maybe an "F" is undeserved. Afterall, he was 6-2 after the AS Break, which was better than Mussina.

Thanks for reading NYYU, Mr. FG.

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