06 September 2006


During the 3rd inning of tonight's Yanks-Royals game, announcer Ken Singleton made a good point about the Royals, then killed it with a lame statement.

The Point: Not so long ago the Royals fielded an outfield of Johnny Damon, Carlos Beltran and Jermaine Dye. If they would have stayed together it would be one of the best outfields in the game.

Good observation Ken!

The Problem: Singleton then added that due to small market money constraints the Royals had to let all 3 go.

Kenny doesnt get it.

The Facts: The owner of the Royals is David D. Glass, former chairman of the executive committee of the board of directors of WAL-MART. Yep...he's broke, poor guy! This is the same David Glass that took the luxury tax money that was supposed to go to payroll, stuck it in his pocket and CUT the Royals payroll.

Glass could hav
e easilly paid those 3 players and dramatically improved the team.

Here is the formula, Dave: WINS =

Dave has the cash. He just doesn't want to spen
d it.

NOTHING generates more CASH than WINNING!

George Steinbrenner used his personal fortune to build the Yankees "Evil" Empire into what it is today.

David Glass chose not too. Click here to see my report on the "POOR" owners.

The Yankees operate off of revenue now. Revenue generated by WINNING! No fan is going to lay out good money to see a loser.

I think Singleton is an outstanding announcer, but he should know better.

INFO- David D. Glass: Was appointed interim chairman and chief executive officer of the Kansas City Royals upon the death of Ewing Kauffman, and in April 2000, his family acquired the Royals organization, where he continues to serve in the same capacity. Glass is also a member of the Executive Council for Major League Baseball. He spent 25 years with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., serving as president and chief executive officer for 12 years, and is credited with leading the company through a period of unprecedented growth and international expansion with annual revenues reaching $165 billion.


susan mullen said...

Thanks, Mike for another example of total alignment of most YES network personnel with propaganda opposing the
Yankees, and therefore its players and fans. It took me quite awhile to zero in on this, but it's true.

Pinstripe_Mike said...

Thanks, Susan. It just seems to me that as a former player, Singleton should understand the 'small market' scam.

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